Case Studies

We asked our clients for their feedback on what it's like to work with us. They said they value our focus on client care and our genuine understanding of them, their needs and objectives. Corporate clients appreciate our 'hands on' approach and that we're in it for the long-term. After saying such nice things, we asked them to share their stories. You can read each one below.

    • Pension planning - Plan to retire early

      Case Study 1

      I wanted to know if my pensions and investments would generate enough income to maintain our lifestyle today and into retirement. Could I afford to retire early?

      Download Pension Planning case study

    • Employee benefits - Post acquisition

      Case Study 2

      Upon acquiring a new business, we wanted to extend our employee benefits to the staff based in the UK. We needed the situation analysed, then managed from start to finish.

      Download Employee Benefits case study

    • Comprehensive advice - New business

      Case Study 3

      I'd worked for a long standing company for a number of years, when I decided to set-up on my own. I needed advice on the best way to structure my business and personal affairs.

      Download Comprehensive Advice case study

    • Proactive advice - Insurance payout

      Case Study 4

      After an inheritance payment, I needed advice. Upon meeting with Montagu, I found I could be eligible for an insurance pay-out for cancer I'd suffered a few years earlier.

      Download Proactive Advice case study

    • Pension consolidation - Taking control

      Case Study 5

      During my working career I'd accumulated a number of pensions. I needed advice on the best way to consolidate my holdings, into a managed portfolio and plan for retirement.

      Download Pension Consolidation case study

    • Advice for couples - Plan for the future

      Case Study 6

      We wanted to understand if we would have enough to support our retirement lifestyle. Exactly when could we retire? What was the best way to manage our pension investments?

      Download Advice for Couples case study